Welcome! The NodeXL Exchange Spigot - Networks from Enterprise Email

Aug 31, 2011 at 12:23 PM


This is the NodeXL Exchange Spigot project, an add-in for the NodeXL add-in for Excel.  The Exchange spigot provides access to social network data stored in Exchange servers.  When people reply to one another a connection of tie is created between them.  The collection of these connections creates complex network graphs.  The Exchange Spigot for NodeXL extands the import abilities of the NodeXL social network analysis and visualization application, allowing for simple access to networks in email.

The Exchange spigot can optionally integrate data extracted from Active Directory servers, adding useful attribute data on the email addresses discovered through Exchange.

The Exchange spigot only accesses data available to the user based on their current levels of access rights and permissions.

The Exchange spigot can optionally replace all personally identifiable data with hashed alternatives top enable sharing of otherwise sensitive datasets.

Your feedback is welcome!


Marc (for Luka, Ivan, Milos, and Natasa)